Corporate Governance

PT Pollux Properties Indonesia Tbk. believes that long term success and sustainability of our businesses is deeply pertinent to our commitment in upholding a high standard of business integrity and corporate governance.

To demonstrate our deep commitment towards good corporate governance, PT Pollux Properties Indonesia Tbk. has strongly implemented the guidelines and provisions made by the Minister of BUMN Regulation No. Per-01 / MBU / 2011 dated 1 August 2011 concerning the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Practices in State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN).

“We are committed to produce sustainable long-term economic value for our shareholders and stakeholders. We believe that the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is imperative to the health of our financial markets and economy.”

Our implementation of good corporate governance is further clarified in the Company’s Articles of Association and company guidelines that are based on the prevailing laws and regulations.

The relationships between The Company with Shareholders In Ensuring the Rights of Shareholders.
Increased the Value of General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) Implementation.
company had methods or technical procedures for poll (voting), either open or closed that promoted the independence and the interests of shareholders.COMPLY
All member of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioner of The Compant should be present at the AGMS.COMPLY
Minutes of the SGM were available in the website of The Company for at least on (1) year.COMPLY
Improved the Quality of Company Communications with Shareholders or Investors.
The Company had methods or a policy of communication with shareholders or investors.COMPLY
The Company revealed its communication policy with shareholders or investors in website.COMPLY

The functions and roles of the BOC.
Strengthened the Membership and compositions of the Board of Commissioners.
Determined the number of member of the Board of Commissioners considered the condition of The Company.COMPLY
Determined the composition of the Board of Commisioners with the cosideration to the diversity of skills, knowledge and experience required.COMPLY
Improved the Quality of Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners.
BOC policy assessment (self-assessment) to assess the performance of the Board of Commissioners.COMPLY
Policy assessment (self-assessment) to assess the performance of the Board of Commissioners,disclosed through the Annual Report of The Company.COMPLY
BOC had a policy related to the resignation of members of the Board of Commissioners when involved in financial crimes.COMPLY

Increased Aspects of Corporate Governance through Stakeholder Participation.
The company had a policy to prevent insider trading.COMPLY
The Company had a policy of anti-corruption and anti-fraud.COMPLY
The Company had a policy of selection and upgrades supplier or vendor.COMPLY
The Company had a policy on the fulfillment of the rights of creditors.COMPLY
The Company had a policy of whistleblowing systems.COMPLY
The Company had a policy of long-term incentives for directors and employess.COMPLY

Information Disclosure
Improved the Implementation of Information Disclosure.
The Company utilized the us of information technology more widely besides Webite as a media openness of the CompanyCOMPLY
Annual Report which disclosed the ultimate beneficiary owners in the ownership of Company shares at least 5% (five percent), in addition to the disclosure of the final beneficial owner in the Company's ownership through the main shareholder and controllerCOMPLY